“Serving with Christ’s love those who serve”

Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Veterans, Contractors and their family members

Messiah Lutheran Church  Fort Wayne IN

November 6, 2014
Vietnam war veteran Tom Agness, husband of LMVFM oncoming Board member Phyllis Agness, spends some quality "loving" time with his friend Holly, LMVFM "Paws & Effects" spokes dog. Since coming on board with her mother (LMVFM Administrative Assistant, Jody Ford), Holly has been present at LMVFM mission trips across the U.S..

The Agness family have supported and embraced the Mission program's such as our quarterly Women Veterans Wellness retreats, and LMVFM's "Paws & Effects" therapy dog program for several years. We are very grateful that they provided our ministry with the opportunity share our mission work with attendees at a recent homeless veterans event at Messiah Lutheran in Fort Wayne.
LMVFM team member Roger Ford and brother Vietnam war veteran from "Shepherds House" spend time together
at a recent fundraiser at Messiah Lutheran for the Shepherds House homeless vets ministry.
LMVFM Administrative Assistant Jody Ford
 begins setting up the LMVFM display table at
 Messiah Lutheran church in Fort Wayne, IN
Two Vietnam war veterans Roger and Phil, having only met two hours earlier share a bond and a hearty laugh, that few civilians will experience

After a long day and a evening LMVFM event "Corporal" Holly, and team members Leslie, Jody and Roger wind their day down with our friends at Granite City.

Holly and her mum Jody take a minute to reflect on their most recent ministry event at Messiah Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne


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