“Serving with Christ’s love those who serve”

Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Veterans, Contractors and their family members


Ornament Adoption Appeal Tree 2013"
        For each donation made to LMVFM during the Months of Nov-Jan
 an ornament made by one of our veterans, contractors, or their family member is officially adopted with the donors name, attached to it and placed on LMVFM's Christmas tree. Here are the ornaments.


We would like you know that these ornaments are made not in some little anti-Christian overseas sweat shop, but by Americans, who are veterans and their family members.
You should see it when our little army of staff and volunteers get cranking on those ornaments.

Everyone helps on Team LMVFM

Administrative Assistant Jody Ford matching names of ornament adopters with ornaments being adopted.

Buggs Ford oversees ornament team in their "adopt an ornament" endeavors.

Cindy Burman, volunteer


Jody Ford demonstrates her award winning Christmas Light stringing techniques

Using natural materials really adds something special to the ornaments. Even when we have purchased the wood pre-painted laser cut ornaments
 we take them beyond that point by adding depth to them through additional carving and modifying them further. Jody and her husband Roger managed
a camp ground last summer and when we started back in August discussing this years appeal she began gathering things like acorns and other interesting bits of nature.
We began keeping a sharper eye on the birch trees. 
The ornament appeal has done very well so far this year, we had set a goal of 125 ornaments. But are thinking that we should go for 300 in 2014.
This year we were better prepared than the year before with our ornaments, and next year we'll be better prepared than this year.
With that in mind we hope you consider adopting an ornament or donating through  pay pal.

Adopted  Ornaments

LMVFM has selected our one of a kind and newest ornament in honor of The Concordia Lutheran HS Cadets.

There is a historic significance in this ornament,
which depicts a moment in time when those who really
fight the wars of a nation set down their weapons,
if only for a brief moment and shared their humanity
with one another.2014 marks the 100th year since the beginning of WWI.


Cadet Commander Tyler Stacy from a Senior at Concordia Lutheran High School Fort Wayne stands beside the "1914 Christmas Day" ornament which LMVFM made this year and designated for Concordia's JROTC this year.

One of this years new ornaments is a 1 3/4" church built from scrap ash wood pieces. It has stain glass windows that are illuminated with two small lights wired inside.
If you look through the front door you can see Mary holding the baby Jesus

"The Cracker Jack" ornament was created in honor of Capt. Leon "Jack" Pingel USN Ret.".  Jack was one of LMVFM's first "Thrivent Choice Dollar" donors which is how we first came to know of him.
 We also heard from many of Jack's friends who shared their stories about a man that had had such a positive impact on them, his church, his community, and of course his country. This year, as we began making new ornaments for our Christmas Ornament Adoption Appeal it seemed fitting that an ornament be made in honor of Jack. However it wasn't until I ran across a 1918 Christmas ad encouraging readers to "Make this a Cracker Jack Christmas" that we had a design in mind which now hangs on LMVFM's Christmas Tree.

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Lutheran Military Veterans and Families Ministries, Inc. LMVFM does not receive any government (tax revenues) funding, and is supported by individuals, churches,  and groups who support the work we do on behalf of our veterans and their families. LMVFM is a 501 (c)(3) faith-based ministry and all donations/gifts are tax deductible.