"Serving with Christ's love those who serve"

We provide free counseling, programs and services to military veterans, contractors and their family members.


We offer training, resources and assistance to congregations across denominational lines and to care providers, groups to equip them with the tools and information they need to assist America's veterans, contractors and their family members.


Lutheran Military Veterans & Families Ministries is a faith-based 501(c)(3) ministry.  All gifts and donations are tax exempt.  In keeping with our beliefs we do not accept any form of government funding or resources. 


Direct Care Programs and Services 


Since 2007 LMVFM has been serving Military Veterans and their family member's providing free care and counseling, as well as programs and services.  In 2013, we recognized the service and sacrifices being made by America's "Invisible" Army, Military contractors, and welcomed them and their family members into our fold.


We provide care, without caveat, to anyone who:

  • Served in or with the U.S. Military *for one or more days, and their family members.
  • Meets the above criteria regardless of their religion or personal faith beliefs.


*This includes those who have received less than honorable discharges.


Educational Programs and Services


LMVFM offers a variety of programs and services for churches and other groups that are working with, or are interested in providing care and outreach to military veterans, contractors and their families to include:

  • Training programs
  • Information and resources related to military issues
  • Assisting congregations in the development of their military mission outreach programs.


Services We Provide Include: 



CounselingWe provide counseling and needs assessments for individuals, couples and families.

LMVFM helps veterans, contractors and their families re-new their relationship with God; Re-connect with each other; Re-integrate back into their communities and Re-adjust to life away from the battlefield.


Retreats: Since 2011 we partnered with our friends at Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters (OLVM) to co-host quarterly Women Veteran Wellness Retreats at their retreat Center in Huntington, Indiana. 


Support: We are a resource for veterans, family members, and their caregivers. 



Benefits: The process of filing for benefits is often so frustrating and complex that many people simply give up.  We offer assistance to veterans and family members who need help filing for their benefits.  


Paws & Effects:  Therapy dogs have been very effective in reducing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress and depression in veterans.  We assist veterans who have spiritual or emotional wounds who desire and would benefit from having an emotional therapy dog to receive a therapy dog to help them heal from their injuries. 


Training and Education:  LMVFM offers educational programs and training seminars that address the common issues and challenges faced by veterans and their family members.  These programs and seminars provide participants with valuable insights about military issues from those who have served.  We also address the myths and perceptions many people have about the military which are based on inaccurate portrayals of the military by the media and in popular movies.


Additionally, participants are given examples of ways that they can help veterans and their family members who are in need of assistance.  Some of the topics covered include:

  • Understanding Military Culture
  • Suicide issues for service members and their families
  • Deployment - redeployment issues
  • Moral and Spiritual injuries
  • Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
  • End of Life Issues
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Serving with Christ's love those who serve.

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