Holly and Stanley had a great time today with the students at Suburban Bethlehem Church School. The students collected a wide range of much needed items for our Paws & Effects program. Their generous donations will help us tremendously.

This was Stanley Tucker's first official mission outing and I am happy to report that he did very well and really took to the kids. We want to thank you all for blessing our Paws & Effects program with your gifts.

Leslie, Jody, Sgt Holly and Stanley Tucker.

During our time at Suburban Bethlehem Church School we had the opportunity to answer important questions about the role that Stanley Tucker & Sgt Holly play in our Paws &Effects program

Students made special posters for  our Paws &Effects program visit.



Stanley Tucker shows his ability to sit and lie down on command


Jody shows the students some of the tricks that Sgt Holly is able to perform

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