We assist their family members, congregation, and caregivers in the unique challenges resulting from military service.


We offer training and workshops for churches and groups designed to educate caregivers in unique and challenging aspects of providing Christian care and outreach to veterans and their families. Our workshops are lead by Dr. Bruce, an expert in understanding and explaining the unique characteristics of combat stress related disorders and common challenges for clergy and the therapists who provide care to the veterans and their family members.

Basic Training I is an introduction into the making of a warrior, and explores the transformation process by which young men and women are stripped of their civilian mindset and made into warriors who are charged with protecting and defending this nation. Attendees will watch several young men and women in their own journey through boot camp, and get a taste of the psychological tactics and methodology used in the transformation process. During this seminar attendees will also be provided with special insights into the unique challenges that result from serving in the military for these warriors and their families.

Basic Training II covers the impact of military deployment on the warrior,and their family members. This seminar explores the short and long term impact of deployment's, and gives attendees insights into the difficulties that often arise for warriors and their families, especially for those serving in the guard and reserve. Also included in this seminar is an in-depth exploration into the effects of multiple deployments on military personnel and their family members.

Basic Training III is an in-depth review of combat stress related disorders,military sexual trauma, and traumatic brain injuries.

Each of the Basic Training Seminars is "stand alone" meaning you do not have to take them in order. If you are interested, please call (260) 755-2239 for dates and times. Seating is limited, and on a first come basis. One scholarship seat is provided in each seminar for students undertaking a career in mental health, social work field, or a vocation in the church. This scholarship seat is also on a first come basis.


We offer various groups and retreats for veterans and their family members. These offerings include:
Veteran support groups
Family member support groups
Small group reintegration programs for veterans
Marriage Retreats
Caregiver Retreats for Military Caregivers and Church Workers


We also provide Individual and Couples counseling. For the individual, we offer assistance to veteran's by providing them with short-term pastoral counseling and military resource referrals. For the couple, we provide assistance to family members of veterans by providing them with short-term pastoral counseling and educational materials.

"Paws and Effects" program which began in 2013, where through our partnership with a local dog trainer, Mike Rowland, we're assisting veterans in need of a therapy/service dog to receive one. Recently, one of our local ministry partner families who have been helping us provide special care gifts to the veterans we work with brought in gifts for "Lady" who had just graduated from her service dog training and was enroute for permanent placement to her veteran. 
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Serving with Christ's love those who serve.

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