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The story of our new Christmas Tree

We had to get rid of the broken down Christmas tree that someone had donated this year. Well, when we and our friends from Heritage went to set it up we found out a lot about broken Christmas trees. Every limb had to be secured to the tree with twine and a complete strand of lights towards the bottom to hold the bigger limbs. Rather pitiful and ugly and it was clear that it simply would not be able to hold the 450 hand made (by veterans, military contractors and their family members) ornaments.


So before we put any more ornaments on the tree we decided to retire the tree to the dumpster (where naturally some unsuspecting person has already grabbed it).

Unable to find any trees other than the pricey fake trees made in China (big surprise there) I made a call to the first Christmas tree farm that came up on my computer. The farm is owned by a very nice local family and I explained the story of our tree issue. I then explained what our ministry does-who we serve etc and came to find out the owners are both Christian and patriots. Each year they donate trees to the national "Trees for Troops" program. They aren't really open until the day after thanksgiving, but when I explained that we needed today, Judy told us to come. When we arrived waiting for us was Judy and her helper, who had just cut the tree. The tree is drop dead gorgeous and with no hesitation, they donated the tree to LMVFM. We made a donation to their trees for troops program which we were honored to do.

So, this year, if you or anyone you know are looking to buy a live tree, please send them to St Joe Christmas Tree Farm at 9801 St Joe Rd (ph 486-4336). You'll be supporting a local family business, and also helping them raise the money to send trees for the troops.

Jake, Roger and Leslie set up the tree.

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Tree Log: 26 Nov 2014
Wow folks thank you to our friends and supporters the tree is looking great. We have over 400 more ornaments that are waiting in anticipation for the folks that will adopt them.
Blessings on your Thanksgiving celebrations as we each pause and reflect on the Blessings God has given each of us, from you ministry team at Lutheran Military Veterans and Families Ministries.

Having trimmed the new tree it seemed only fitting, what with the upcoming freeze, to add a little shelter to the tree we use to feed the birds and squirrels



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