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Paws and Effects

"Paws and Effects" program which began in 2013, where through our partnership with a local dog trainer, Mike Rowland, we're assisting veterans in need of a therapy/service dog to receive one. Recently, one of our local ministry partner families who have been helping us provide special care gifts to the veterans we work with brought in gifts for "Lady"  who had just graduated from her service dog training and was enroute for permanent placement to her veteran. 

new Paws & Effect Team Member
  Goodbye Holly
 Lilly, our new Golden Retriever therapy puppy born on 11/24/16.    2006 - 2016

LMVFM has adopted our newest "Paws and Effect" team member Stanley. Stanley is a 8 wk old English Labrador Retriever and already loves to travel and loves to play in the snow


We've now had Stanley just Bout 24hrs. He's an amazing little fellow and tomorrow he'll report for basic training at "Fort LMVFM". We'll keep you all posted.


Jake and Maggie train together, going through a series of basic command and control steps which help establish each others role, while providing the behavioral foundation required of all service/therapy dogs.


They make a great team.

700 plants that could kill or seriously injure your pet.  

This gift bag for "Lady" a therapy dog going to a veteran. is an example of ways our ministry friends and partners support the work of our ministry. Among the gifts in the bag were things, such as dog grooming items, treats, toys that anyone adopting a new four pawed friend would find helpful.

A Paws and Effect Success    
    Smile for the birdie dad.
    Iconic 'Devil Dog'
Meet "Sarge", LMVFM's first therapy buddy. At just five weeks old, Sarge volunteered and reported for duty at LMVFM back in 2008.  

Though the VA has yet to recognize the therapeutic value of therapy animals for veterans who have been spiritually and emotionally traumatized, we not only recognize their value, but believe that veterans in need of trained and certified therapy dogs/animals should have ready access to them. If fact, we believe so strongly in the therapeutic value of service animals that we have a four legged LMVFM team member named "Holly" that has become a ministry favorite among those we serve.


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