“Serving with Christ’s love those who serve”

Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Veterans, Contractors and their family members

In August, LMVFM attended the NALC Convocation in Anaheim, California. I was fascinated with the palm trees, the Bird of Paradise flowers and the tree I’m standing in front of.
Because we would be flying we decided that it would not be a trip Holly could make. So, LMVFM was represented by “flat Holly and flat Stanley”. We advertised at our table that you could have your picture taken free of charge with no dog hair or slobbers! We had several friends who took advantage of this opportunity!
This convention was a little different for us as we were able to do several one-on-one Counseling sessions instead of just being able to talk to people as they come by our table. This was a wonderful opportunity.

We were able to meet many new people as well as old friends. We especially enjoyed meeting the ladies of the WNALC.
Thank you for giving Leslie the opportunity to talk about LMVFM


Celebrate Birthdays

Holly our LMVFM Therapy dog will be celebrating her 8th birthday on September 8. Happy Birthday Holly, and many more! Stanley Tucker will be celebrating his 1st birthday on September 22. What a year it has been. Stanley has learned great eye contact, how to sit, how to lay down, how to wait to eat his food and has learned to be a good dog! He is very anxious to please and loves to ride in the car and play in the water. We still have a ways to go before he can start coming to events/mission trips but we're working on it.

The 4 kittens born in our office - Heidi, Grace, Ben and Joey will be one year old on September 2nd. Grace went to a good home with a friend from church, Joey found a home with one of our veterans (featured in the newsletter that went out earlier this year), and Heidi and Ben reside with Jody & Roger Ford. Here are Ben and Heidi sleeping on Roger's easy chair. Ben has claimed Roger, a veteran as his person. Heidi looks the most like her mother - Smudge, who is now spending her time on a farm in Noble County, Indiana being a barn cat.


6-12  August -  NALC Conference Anaheim, California

We weren't able to bring Holly and Stanley so we brought the next best thing!
We brought "flat" Holly and "flat" Stanley! Free pictures taken - no hair or slobbers!


LMVFM Team members Roger Ford and Bev Kinney talk with folks from the Indiana LWML convention in Bloomington IN June 24- 26, 2016.  LMVFM team members are covering both the Indiana convention in Bloomington and in OH in Cincinnati.


Everyone has a story 

Last Wednesday our team went to the Peabody Retirement Community to talk with and listen to stories that residents who were veterans or their family members had to tell about their time in the military. It was a great day and good to spend time with each other listening to a wide range of stories that helped to illustrate, "Everyone has a story".  


Christmas 2015 Ornament Appeal
All ornaments on the tree have been adopted.

LMVFM has adopted our newest "Paws and Effect" team member Stanley.
Stanley is a 8 wk old English Labrador Retriever
 and already loves to travel and loves to play in the snow.


Gastonia, NC

Suburban Bethlehem Fort Wayne IN
Nov.22, 2014
Messiah Lutheran Church Fort Wayne IN June 20th - 22nd  2014
Independence, OH
IN LWML CONVOCATION  June 20 - 22, 2014 NALC Carolina's District Zone Rally, Salisbury, NC  May 29 to 31  
Northeast Zone of the LWML Ohio District Spring 2014 Tennis Tournament  Feb 22, 2014 Bonnie and their new bookshelf
Veteran Awareness Program for kids Meeting MSG Wiegmann Retreat Photos



Twine and Limbs do not a Christmas tree make

Annual Adopt an Ornament Appeal 2014

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