“Serving with Christ’s love those who serve”

Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Veterans, Contractors and their family members



The first Women Warriors retreat: February 2011
A successful retreat-doesn't everyone look relaxed? Oh yeah, more smiling faces.
The Women Warriors with the prayer shawls
made and donated by a generous ladies church group
Another retreat. I sense a trend


The faces may change, but the smiles are the same
Coroner's Cornhole!! Can you guess why it's called Coroner's Cornhole?
Training for future retreat team members Sue Wilhelm (Director at Victory Noll)
helps during an afternoon project.
A vet telling her "lifestory".

 An event in her life told in pictures.

The Victory Noll Labyrinth, Walking in you release problems, fears, anger.
Walking out, you take on hope, peace, victory and joy.
Sr. Rita helps a veteran walk the Labyrinth
Sr. Carmella, a WWII Navy veteran and Joyce, a Vietnam veteran
who works in the dining room at Victory Noll
share with another woman warrior.
We come in all shapes and sizes but share the same heart..
Army Chaplain Candidates working on a project at a retreat

Candidates up close and personnel

Vietnam veterans "3" (SGM Phil Bell)
and "Doc" (Tom Smith) during a training break.
One of many support people who make the retreat weekends a success.
This is Bob from Amy One Source ( a Vietnam vet) helping the women understand the benefits they are entitled to receive.
A few of the women during a discussion at a retreat.

Doc (aka Tom) doing what he does best, being our "man-servant."
What a servants heart, Doc!

No woman left behind.

All the women are asked to complete an evaluation.
This helps us improve while gathering accurate data
 from women who are veterans.

Eating with the Sisters  who have served all over the world.
What amazing women, warriors in another realm
When you catch the ball,
 you have to answer the question under your thumb.

"Where were you deployed" or "would you serve again"
are two of the questions.
You have to answer the question under your thumb, you can't chose!"
Sr. Rita closes the first night  with singing, verse and prayer



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